The Brief

Design a new website featuring a blog, shop, events calendar and members section.

The Deliverables


Project completed September 2015
This was a comprehensive new website that needed a large range of features. Working closely with the team at CMJ we developed the site right from scratch to allow for a clean, modern, responsive site that engaged with both existing supporters and those new to the work of CMJ.

Once we had a clear understanding of the structure of the site, the next challenge was to identify a CMS that was both easy to use and powerful enough to run all the sections of the site. We settled on the Perch CMS and began work on the design. The nature of Perch allowed for a staged roll out of the site once each key area was completed. This was key to the success of the project since the site it was replacing had been completely removed by a previous contractor leaving them in the lurch. I was able to work quickly to give them a presence online and then build out from there adding more complex features such as the shop and members section as they became ready.

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