Cambray Baptist Church

The Brief

Design and build a new website building upon the base of the existing site. The site needs to include a calendar of events and the ever growing sermon archive.

The Deliverables


Project completed March 2013.
The journey to a new website for Cambray Baptist Church was a large undertaking. Working from existing analytics I was able to understand how people were using the existing site and what information they were seeking out. This helped to give the new site focus and allowed me to create clear routes to the information people most needed.

The site followed a path for people finding the church for the first time through the New Here section, then moving to how those new people and existing members can connect with the church. Many existing church members were using the site to find out what's on this week and to keep updated on church news, whilst the sermon archive was so extensive and received a lot of attention.

The site was nominated and then shortlisted for "Best Medium Size Church Site" in the 2013 Christian New Media Awards.

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