The Story of 18TWO

How did this little design studio come to be?


It's July 2007, I'm just about to graduate with a degree in Graphic Design and along with several thousand other graduates, I'm beginning the search for a job in the world of design. When an off the cuff comment from my tutor and a conversation with my housemate that was full of the fresh naivety only a graduate has, sowed the seed for what would one day become 18TWO.

“You could do it you know, if you wanted to. Start up on your own, you have the talent.”


Fast forward five years to July 2012, and the seeds sown in that conversation are about to sprout. The conditions weren't perfect. Britain was struggling to come out of the worst recession in decades, large businesses were shutting shop, and I was putting the finals bits together on a relocation. But I knew that if I didn't do it then, then I never would. That summer, 18TWO was born.

My mission, to create the best things I can, for clients who are doing work that matters.

Taking a leap of faith, I arrived back in Cheltenham, the home of that conversation in 2007, to setup my own mini design studio. A few clients had appeared in the couple of months prior, and I set on my own with the aim of helping as many people with the power of design. My mission was, and still is, to create the best things I possibly could, for clients who were doing work that mattered. Work that would help people contribute to the world around us in the way that only they can.




2013 saw the launch of the biggest project I had worked on as 18TWO, with the arrival of a new church website and later that year a nomination for an award. Sadly no award arrived to sit on the shelf, but it was recognition that the work I was doing was effective and being noticed. With more clients joining the stable, 18TWO reached it's 2nd birthday.


With the official birthday for 18TWO being the 4th September, it's rapidly approaching it's 3rd birthday. Over the three years it's been a real priviledge to partner with some great clients.

With 2015 looking to be the strongest year yet, it's great to see the people we've worked with doing well and growing their organisations. My hope is that 18TWO can continue to work with them to enable that to continue.

Design is an opportunity to continue telling the story, not just to sum everything up.


Who am I?

Phil Bowell. I live and work in a beautiful part of the UK called Cheltenham. I graduated univeristy in 2007 with a BA(Hons) in Graphic Design and have a passion for design in all it's forms. When I'm not working I'm usually found reading, riding my bike, kicking a football, serving in my church, eating with friends or watching the latest episode of Grand Designs.

Got a project you'd like 18TWO to work on?